On The SHELF Pistons & Rods for BLOWN ALCOHOL Chrysler Hemi engines.


CP-Carrillo is excited to introduce our IN STOCK Pistons and Rods for BLOWN ALCOHOL Chrysler Hemi engines. These SHELF PARTS will include the advanced features and improvements that CP-Carrillo has developed through rigorous testing and R&D – while recently winning races in all the alcohol classes. They are ready for IMMEDIATE delivery and are for the most popular Dragster, Funny Car, and Pro Mod type applications. Join the winning race teams that have chosen CP-Carrillo Pistons and Rods, and get them off the shelf!

We will also continue to offer CUSTOM Pistons and Rods for all applications including Injected Nitro, Nitrous, and Blown Gas applications.


  • Shorter skirts to keep piston in sleeve at BDC
  • Ring lands designed to reduce “scrubbing”
  • More stable skirt designs – which yield better ring seal
  • Weights and buttons to match your existing combination


  • Made from a forging
  • Supplied standard with 7/16 WMC H11 fasteners
  • Balanced to a set within +/- 1 gram
  • Custom lengths available in 2 weeks or less
  • Comparable in weight to the competition
  • Split-line is mated by a circular serration (Offset from the bolt hole)
  • Competitively priced

CP-Carrillo is a company totally dedicated to pistons and connecting rods. Experienced sales specialists provide unique piston and rod solutions for a myriad of engine applications. The company continuously endeavors to combine manufacturing excellence, product guidance, and ongoing technical support to effectively address customers’ needs.

CP-Carrillo is a member of PANKL Racing Systems.

Media contact: Cindy Verkooij
1902 Mc Gaw
Irvine, CA 92614
949-567-9000 phone
949-567-9010 fax

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