• Hunter Jones Hunter Jones Representing CP-Carrillo in the highest way possible by wearing apparel and showing off as the newest sponsored rider for this race season. Excited to have you on board.

    Check out this video!

    Hunter Jones
  • Clif Bakx Clif Bakx As every good result is a sum of its parts, your pistons are a critical component, so thank you, from myself & our crew, for your continued effort in engineering & supplying our racing sport with the best products available.
    I've used them now for about 3 years, and although they don't last forever, they certainly stand up to the task at hand.

    Clif Bakx
  • Vic Hill Vic Hill Just wanted everyone at CP-Carrillo to know how much we appreciate what you all have done to help me personally have a successful race season. I am also very proud to use your products in our customers at Vic Hill Race Engines, LLC which has helped in leading them into the winner's circle. Just to name a few; Brady Smith, Scotty Schmitt, Mark Andersen, Tyler Jenkins, Riley Hickman, Dennis Erb, Dustin Neat, Jason Trammell, Chris Combs, Ethan Hunter, Greg Estes, Devin Friese and the list goes on. Thank you! Vic Hill
    • Vic Hill Race Engines, LLC
  • Tony Scarlatta Tony Scarlatta Thank you CP-Carrillo for custom building my hot rod's pistons! The best pistons and rods and the best service in the business. Nothing but CP for me!! Tony Scarlatta
    • Top Alcohol Flat (Lucas Oil Shazam)
    • Pro Gas Flat (Joey Grose's Blinger)
    • Personal Blow Alcohol Flat (Heart Attack)
  • Terry McMillen Terry McMillen I wouldn't use any other connecting rod on my Top Fuel Dragster but a Carrillo. I couldn't ask for anything more from a rod. They are the most reliable rods that we've ever found to withstand the punishment of a nitro burning 10,000 horsepower car. There's no reason to race with anything but Carrillo. Terry McMillen
    • Amalie Top Fuel Dragster
  • Russ Morseman Russ Morseman “I want to let you know that I have never put a set of pistons and rods in as good as yours right down to how they are packaged and tolerances. You guys make the best and I'm very proud to run your logo and promote such a great company”. Russ Morseman
    • Russ Morseman Racing
  • Rolando Blanco & Allan Jimenez Rolando Blanco & Allan Jimenez CP-Carrillo have been part of our racing program since 2009. They helped us achieve many goals in competing in the very competitive class called Sport Front Wheel Drive (SFWD). In 2010, we were the first car to run an 8 second pass in the SFWD class. In 2013, we were the first car in the SFWD class to break the 180mph barrier. We also have many wins under our belt and we couldn't have done it without CP Pistons and Carrillo Rods. CP-Carrillo is the only name we trust! Rolando Blanco & Allan Jimenez
    • Dynamic Performance Racing
  • Reid Nordin Reid Nordin Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team appreciates the support that CP-Carrillo continues to offer. With your support we have achieved a goal accomplished by few in racing history. Our fourth consecutive SX Championship is something you and Kawasaki can be proud of. Reid Nordin
    • Sr. Racing Manager,
    • Kawaski
  • Randy Benson, Randy Benson, Texas Bounty Hunter P/M 411, 5x ProMod Champion has used CP-Carrillo for the last five years, with a 0% failure rate. Could not be more pleased with the products and the team behind it! Randy Benson,
    • Texas Bounty Hunter
  • Quentin Feast Quentin Feast Been using the CP-Carrillo Bullet Piston for over a year now in my twin turbo 403 ci LS with E85. These 14cc dish pistons gave me a static compression ratio of 9.9 to 1 and at 20 psi of boost they have not let me down. With regular street driving and over 50 passes down the quarter mile at 7000 rpm in a year of use we pulled the engine down to inspect. The pistons themselves had held up very well. Virtually un-marked with no signs of detonation in the ring lands, on the crown or the skirts. The skirts measured up fine too with only minor marks from going past the bottom of the bore. The wrist pins supplied were flexing a little as there was slight bell mouthing in the piston and small end of the rod so we upgraded these from 180th to 240th. These have been back in the car now for 6 months and another 30 passes no problem. Thanks to CP-Carrillo Bullet Pistons for helping my 3400lb street car run 8.34 and 169mph.

    Quentin Feast
  • Norm Grimes Norm Grimes CP-Carrillo has been extremely helpful in our racing program. They've continued to improve the construction and design of their products, bolstering both the reliability and performance in our 4,000 horsepower supercharged alcohol engines. Norm Grimes
    • Seven time NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster National Champion Crew Chief
    • 58+ time NHRA National Event Winner
  • Nick Ferri Nick Ferri n 2008, while preparing a new Pro Stock engine program for Mike Edwards, I decided to step out of the box, and approached CP-Carrillo about piston & rods for our 500" engines.., we won the 2009 Pro Stock Championship together. We did it again in 2014, with Erica Enders/Team Elite. Before CP-Carrillo, I used to have two guys spend two days detailing & hand finishing pistons before we could run them in our engines.., now we can run our CP's right out of the box, they are that good. I'm still out of the box, and in the winner’s circle, and I'm still running CP pistons & Carrillo rods. Nick Ferri
    • Elite Motorsport
  • Mike Follmer Mike Follmer Mike Follmer and his R&D Factory Yamaha FZR. Uses CP Pistons and Carrillo Rods to take him to victory in the IJSBA Offshore Endurance series. Mike Follmer
    • R&D Factory Yamaha FZR
  • Matt Hasara Every engine that leaves my shop has CP pistons in it for more than several reasons. #1 reason is customer support, I often feel like I'm dealing with a mom and pop company with personal service and unmatched quality. I just tried the new Bullet series in one of my ASCS 360 engines and it more than surpassed my expectations with every aspect, "this piston is a 1 off quality with production pricing!". Every time I order a new set of customs we continually make headway on design and strength. Thank you for making the BEST piston known to man and keep up the awesome work! Matt Hasara
    • Outkast Racing Engines
  • Kings Performance Kings Performance Since 2010 we have used CP/Carrillo in both of our record holding race cars. CP-Carrillo has been a key partner throughout the years and have provided nothing but excellent customer support and service. With their help, we have been able to push our small motors above the 1,000 whp mark, problem free. We currently hold the record for the fastest street legal Honda S2000 in the world as well as a podium spot when it comes to the fastest Mitsubishi Lancer EVO in the world. We proudly wear the CP-Carrillo decals on our cars and all of our race motors are fitted with CP pistons and Carrillo rods. Hands down the best product in the market. Kings Performance
    • Kings Performance
  • John Lombardo Jr. John Lombardo Jr. CP Pistons have served Jackson Lombardo Racing well, but never better than in 2015! Seven for seven in final rounds, back to back Jeg's victories, the national speed record at 274.39 MPH, the Central Region Championship, and a World Finals victory in the quickest TAFC race ever! We count on Team CP for the best products and service. Simply put-they deliver! John Lombardo Jr.
    • NAPA Auto Parts
    • Jackson Lombardo Racing
  • Jeremy Shaw Jeremy Shaw I've been a CP-Carrillo dealer for years and their innovation and attention to detail is why. They are always looking for the best product. For my pro stock and super stock motors. Jeremy Shaw
    • (Shaw Racing Engines)
  • Jeff Jones Jeff Jones If you want the best go to CP-Carrillo. When I was in a pinch they overnight-ed me a set of pistons to get me back into the race. Their pistons and rods have given our team the power we need to be at the top. Our Turbocharged stroker LS made over 800 HP and 790TQ for over 300 laps. That’s 30 to 50 seconds a lap of clutch banging, tire roasting Formula Drift Awesomeness!! Thank you, CP-Carillo for the success!! JEFF JONES
    • Jeff Jones Racing
  • Jason Rupert Jason Rupert We rely on CP-Carrillo for products made to withstand the rigors of a nitro engine. CP Pistons have been an integral part of our 5.5-second, 260-mph performances. The technical knowledge of the staff at CP-Carrillo and their ability to use feedback to adapt their great products to a racer’s needs have been instrumental in our success. Jason Rupert
    • 2014-2015 IHRA Funny Car champion
  • Jake Gavio Jake Gavio CP /Carrillo’s proven track record is what makes me so proud to represent them. Stroll through the pits at any race and you will see their logos everywhere. Not only do they support many of the racers, but they design and build some of the best parts on the planet.
    Their expertise and guidance play such an intrinsic part to my success on the track. Over the years, their pistons and rods have allowed me to amass a pile of trophies and class records, which is a testament to their ability to help make horsepower over and over!
    As a racer, I respect how supportive they are of other racers, ensuring that they too can get to the track and be successful.
    Powerful, reliable, record setting parts alongside unparalleled support, what more could you ask for?

    Jake Gavio
  • Jaap Mensinga Jaap Mensinga Today I ran into a CP box in our warehouse, just looked into and saw these beautiful pistons, like a piece of art. Thanks for our partnership. Jaap Mensinga
    • Wilmink Group
  • HTP Performance HTP Performance For the past 12 years HTP performance has been breaking records, winning races, and championships . HTP was the first Real street bike to break the 7 second zone and we are most known for being the first to break the 6 second barrier with a street bike.
    We have also won several races and championships and we owe it to the high quality parts made by CP-Carrillo. Their quality, strength, engineering and longevity a far superior to any of the competitors in our industry. It is because of these great parts, HTP can feel confident in each and every engine that we build and stand by out of our shop. It has truly been a honor to work with a company with the same competitive nature in producing great parts as we do about racing them.

    HTP Performance
  • Greg Neal Greg Neal Why do we choose CP-Carrillo? It’s a very simple answer. They are the best in the business at what they do. Every part we have ever received from them has exceeded our expectations. They are exceptional people working at an exceptional company, with customer care that is second to none. They make you feel like part of the CP-Carrillo family. Not to mention that KWS Motorsports (the horsepower king of the southeast) is a part of our bike building team and they will tell you CP-Carrillo is the very best. Lighter, stronger and extremely reliable. At TLN Motorsports we could never say thank you enough for what they have done for us. Our success is a direct reflection of CP-Carrillo. Greg Neal
    • TLN Motorsports
    • 251 Land Speed Racing Records
    • 11 World’s Fastest Speeds
  • Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier With CP-Carrillo Pistons and rods in my Polaris RZR 1000, we have charged to a 4 race win streak! I couldn't be happier with the smooth consistent power CP has given this car! With the help of CP-Carrillo, we have captured the 2015 UTV Unlimited Pro Championship! Thank you for giving me horsepower! Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier (Owners)
    • Rockstar Custom Motorsports
  • Eddie Knox Eddie Knox We at EKR are proud to have been partnered with CP-Carrillo from the inception of their top fuel connecting rods as well as their pistons. We have run the quickest elapsed times (3.36 & 3.39)in the history of drag boat racing using these products and have also run the quickest e.t. in the top fuel sand dragster class (2.16) with an EKR CP-Carrillo equipped hemi, enduring an unheard of 80 runs on the rods and pistons. The service, the staff and the owners are second to none when it comes to Mfr. support!! Eddie Knox
    • Problem Child TFH #712
    • 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013 "Top Fuel World Champion"
    • "Worlds Quickest Top Fuel Hydro"
  • DME Racing DME Racing CP-Carrillo is the back bone of our engine program. At 6.72@221 mph in ProStreet and 6.50@227 mph in Pro Open D.M.E. Racing and CP Carrillo are the words quickest and fastest in 1/4 mile drag racing. Because of CP-Carrillo's quality, Team D.M.E. won the IDBL and MANCUP championships in 2013 and 2014.

    DME Racing
  • David Kirkland David Kirkland Design and engineering is top notch and has contributed to our success over the last few years: 2 Championships in TFH! Products are far superior than anything else I have worked with and the ease of working with tech and sales team is simply the best. David Kirkland
    • Kirkland Racing
    • TFH World Champion 2014 & 2015
  • Dave Schenker Dave Schenker CP-Carrillo is BASICALLY the best in the business. The products they offer are top notch, the people they employ are second to none, and their facility is about as good as it gets. I've had the opportunity to work with them extensively while building the world's fastest vegetable oil powered vehicle. Their knowledge and support have been amazing throughout the entire process. From now until they stop making parts, CP Pistons-Carrillo will be my ONLY stop for high performance connecting rods!!! Dave Schenker
    • Greenspeed Research
  • Chad Wienen Chad Wienen The combination of the CP and Carrillo Rod have helped me succeed in winning four straight National Championships with zero DNFs. I am happy to be able to run products that I trust and can depend on to get me to the finish every time. Chad Wienen
    • 2015 AMA ATV Pro National Champion
    • Wienen Motorsports
  • Brian Brown, Brian Brown, When we're turning our Garrett Racing engines 8400 rpms night in, night out for 90 races a year. There's only one brand connecting rods that will handle the job and that's CP-Carrillo. Brian Brown,
    • Brian Brown racing
    • Sprint Car Driver of FVP/Casey General Store #21
  • Bob Stephens Bob Stephens Our engine builder, Tom Negrete, has been using CP pistons & Carrillo rods in our open UMP/USMTS modified engines for over a decade without a single piston or rod failure. Our billet piston-guided engine turned almost 9,000 rpm, definitely proven power & reliability! We wouldn't use anything but CP-Carrillo.
  • Bob Book Bob Book Our recent success in the small block drag race engine arena is in large part due to CP pistons and Ric Pennington's help in constantly refining our product. We could not be where we are today without Ric and the rest of the gang at CP! Bob Book
    • Book Racing
  • Bill Ross Bill Ross CP- Carrillo has been a fantastic company for me to deal with and will always receive my highest recommendation for anyone needing pistons and or connecting rods. From sales to customer service , the employees here have always display the highest level of integrity and have earned my highest level of trust. Thank you CP for helping us earn 7 current SCTA land speed records !

    Bill Ross
  • Austin Prock Austin Prock I want premier parts powering my racing engine. That's why I use Carrillo Rods. You can't outperform them! Austin Prock
    • Austin Prock Racing
  • ALI AFSHAR ALI AFSHAR After pushing the limits of our Subaru engines for over a decade, beyond what event the engineers from Subaru in Japan dreamt possible, we finally found a solution for our pistons and rods. After hundreds of damaged engines, I can finally say confidently that our engines will stay together and the pistons and rods will do their job! The proof is on the track with our 18 NHRA Championship Wally’s. Thanks CP Carrillo! ALI AFSHAR
    • ESX Motorsports