Diesel Hybrid Kits now available

After years of research and development, working closely with renowned engine builders, CP-Carrillo light weight Diesel Hybrid kits are now available for both Cummins and Duramax application. Both kits allow for a longer rod without the use of a deck plate, improving rod to stroke ratio. Each kit allows for an amazing reduction in reciprocating weight over the factory piston and rod assembly.

DH7100PRKH & DH7100PRKS Piston and Connecting Rod Kit for the 5.9L Cummins consist of connecting rods that are 0.856” longer and are designed to work with our DH7100 piston with a 0.856 “ shorter CH and Duramax Pin. The piston has a 4.020” bore and 16:1CR. This combo is approx. 2lbs lighter per cylinder than the stock components (that’s 12lbs savings off the rotating assembly!).

DHR7030PRKH & DHR7030PRKS Piston and Connecting rod kit for the Duramax, consists of connecting rods that are 0.202” longer and designed to work with our DHR7030 piston with a 0.202“ shorter CH and a 1.156” Top Fuel pin. The piston has a 4.075” bore and 16.5:1CR. This combo is approx. ½ lb lighter per cylinder than the stock components (4lbs off rotating assembly)

Complete list of Diesel products available HERE

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Barb 06/02/17 11:20:57 AM

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James 06/04/17 07:02:06 AM

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Megane 06/21/17 01:20:00 PM

Other companies

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