CP-Carrillo Pistons for Honda and Kawasaki

2017 Kawasaki KX250F Motorcycle Piston Part # MX3061
Designed for 77mm Std bore X 53.6mm stroke
Project X forging
Double pin oilers
Coated side skirts
DLC Coated wrist pin
14.2:1 compression ratio vs stock 13.7:1
Designed with wider & deeper valve reliefs to accommodate +1mm larger valves and high lift cams if needed.


2017 Honda CRF450R Motorcycle Piston Part #MX2181
Designed for 96mm Std bore x 62.1mm stroke
Double pin oilers
DLC Coated wrist pin
Coated side skirts
Project X forging
14.0:1 compression ratio vs stock 13.5:1
Designed with wider & deeper valve reliefs  to accommodate +1mm larger valves and high lift cams if needed

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