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  • Carburized rods Did you know…roller bearings need a hardened surface to roll on. With a hardness at around 60 HRC, the material is harder that the typical steel used in connecting rods. Making rods... »»
  • Variety of forgings to accommodate all your piston needs Did you know CP-Carrillo and Arias Pistons have different forging types to accommodate your needs? Forgings are not generic, especially when you are making a custom piston. We have hundreds of... »»
  • Do different skirt designs require different clearance? Different cam and barrel profiles yield different clearance on the piston and are often chosen based on the conditions they will see. For example, an engine that has a large stroke, which... »»
  • Round wire locks and Spiral locks Did you know that most aftermarket performance pistons are made with floating pins that will need removable locks such as round wire locks or spiral locks? The most common lock used for... »»

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