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  • Pin End clearance piston design and connecting rods Two common specs asked for when making custom pistons are the connecting rod small end width or thickness, or pin end width or thickness, and the strap thickness. Knowing these dimensions,... »»
  • Fred Carrillo starts Carrillo connecting rods After Fred Carrillo’s land speed racing accident, he went to his hotrod buddies and asked them what they needed.  “They all said they needed a good steel rod”, so Fred set... »»
  • Fred Carrillo as a hotrodder Did you know that Fred Carrillo (1926-2013), founder of Carrillo rods was an avid hotrodder? Together with his brother in-law, he build a 1927 Ford Model T, with a Winfield-equipped flathead for... »»
  • Proper piston ring end gap Piston ring end gap is just as critical as your bearing clearances but is often overlooked. Just because the ring manufacture says the rings are for a certain bore size it is ultimately the... »»

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