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  • Hard Anodizing Did you know that Hard andodizing is not traditional coating? Nothing gets added, sprayed or baked onto the part. Nothing can peel or chip. Anodizing is created by converting the surface... »»
  • What are Pin Buttons and what do they do A “button” is a method of pin retention. Many of you are familiar with locks whether they be wire or spiro-locks and how they are used in order to hold the piston pin in place. In... »»
  • Bolt Stretch vs. Torque? At CP-Carrillo we are asked constantly what the assembly torque specification for our bolts is. While torque is a relatively easy and fast way to assemble non-critical engine components, a... »»
  • Oil Support Rail (OSR)   Oil Support Rails (OSR) assist in applications where the pin bore breaks through the oil groove of the piston (e.g. short compression heights due to big strokes or long rod... »»

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