CP-Carrillo Introduces High-Performance Diesel Pistons For Duramax Applications!


Irvine, CA— CP-Carrillo is excited to introduce diesel pistons for Duramax applications. These pistons include the advanced features and improvements that CP-Carrillo has developed through rigorous testing and R&D. They are ready for IMMEDIATE delivery and are for the most popular Duramax applications. Join the winning race teams that have chosen CP-Carrillo Pistons and Rods, and get them off the shelf!


Manufactured from 2618 T-61 alloy for structural support and durability, these pistons come completely hard Anodized to withstand turbocharging, supercharging and nitrous.


CP-Carrillo’s Duramax pistons are ready to drop in to an engine, and should improve horsepower and durability out of the box and will be available on the shelf.


Pistons features include a tapered pin boss to fit factory and aftermarket rods, .070 deep valve reliefs, radius bowl shape, 2mm steel gas nitride top ring, 2mm second ring, and 3mm 2 piece oil ring and Heavy duty .285 wall cold extruded chromoly wrist pins. Pistons are available in std , .020, .040 overbore in both 15 and 16 to 1 compression ratios. After a year and a half of R&D the pistons have been torture tested and withstood 1800+ Hp at the tires.

Part numbers:

  • #D7000 | 4.055 | 1.946 | 15:1 Comp
  • #D7001 | 4.055 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp
  • #D7010 | 4.075 | 1.936 | 15:1 Comp
  • #D7011 | 4.075 | 1.936 | 16:1 Comp
  • #D7020 | 4.075 | 1.946 | 15:1 Comp
  • #D7021 | 4.075 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp
  • #D7022 | 4.095 | 1.946 | 16:1 Comp

CP-Carrillo is a company totally dedicated to pistons and connecting rods. Experienced sales specialists provide unique piston and rod solutions for a myriad of engine applications. The company continuously endeavors to combine manufacturing excellence, product guidance, and ongoing technical support to effectively address customers’ needs.

CP-Carrillo is a member of PANKL Racing Systems.

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