CP-Carrillo now offers pistons and rods for the Volkswagen/Audi EA888 Gen 3 2.0L TSI/TFSI engine.

This engine is in a number of applications, including the newer VW Golf Mk7 R, Audi S3, Audi TTS vehicles. Our pistons and rods are essentially the same as the previous generation 2.0L TSI/TFSI, however the gudgeon pin diameter has gone up to 23mm. Our piston and rod combination is designed to be a perfect fit together and is meant to withstand large boost levels so you can have the confidence and security to take your engine to the next level. The pistons are made to accept 1mm larger valves, as well as deeper valve pockets to accommodate many aftermarket cams.

Piston part number:

SC7633, std 82.5mm bore, 9.5:1

Rod part numbers:

VW_BTSI_3HS_5670B6H : Pro-H design with WMC bolts

VW_BTSI_3HS_5670B6S : Pro-H design with CARR bolts