2017 Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight

107”  3.937 bore, 4.375 stroke, 11.0:1  Part #BHM8107-9
114”  4.016 bore, 4.500 stroke, 11.0:1  Part #BHM8114-3
117”  4.125 bore, 4.375 stroke, 10.75:1 Part #BHM8117-FT
120”  4.125 bore, 4.500 stroke, 10.75:1 Part #BHM8120

Standard bore and Big bore applications
Steel gas nitride coated top ring
Ductile iron Napier 2nd ring
3 piece flex vent oil ring
Double pin oilers
Available with standard or Kramm Lox style locks
Designed to accommodate +1mm larger valves and high lift cams if needed

Ask us about the soon to be released Carrillo rod set for the Milwaukee Eight

Pre-order yours today!!! Part #HD-MILW8-8016N