What is a PVD Ring????

PVD (physical Vapor Deposition) ring sets feature a thicker 1.2mm steel top ring for increased durability and resistance to flutter. The face of the ring is PVD coated - a technology that is harder and much smoother than traditional gas nitride alone, providing increased endurance, and less friction against the cylinder wall. The 2.0mm oil ring is light, but supplies adequate tension for oil control. Since the oil ring is smaller than most other oil rings, it allows for more material to be used on your piston ring lands and increases piston strength for turbo engines, or reduce total piston height for some weight loss in an NA application. Free Upgrade for limited time - Upgrade your custom piston order with these rings at no extra cost for a limited time! Our Heavy Duty shelf pistons already come with these upgraded rings as a standard. Currently in stock for bore sizes from 81 mm to 90 mm. #cpcarrillo #cppistons #cprings #PVD #turbocharged #endurance #olympics #vapor #durability #themoreyouknow #freeupgrade