What are Pin Buttons and what do they do

A “button” is a method of pin retention.

Many of you are familiar with locks whether they be wire or spiro-locks and how they are used in order to hold the piston pin in place. In high horsepower applications such as top fuel and blown alcohol, a button is the most common method used to hold the pin in the piston. And while we do have the capability to use locks even in some of these high power applications in order to save weight; the button is often still preferred as it allows quick disassembly and reassembly between rounds which can be difficult with locks. Buttons are also responsible for supporting the oil ring, but in some severe applications can be used in conjunction with a rail support to prevent “waffling” of the oil ring which occurs when a button tries to rotate and “beats up” the oil ring. Whatever your application or preference CP Carrillo has you covered.

Pin Button