Fred Carrillo starts Carrillo connecting rods

After Fred Carrillo’s land speed racing accident, he went to his hotrod buddies and asked them what they needed.  “They all said they needed a good steel rod”, so Fred set out to just do that.  Back in the day there was only one other company making stronger than stock conrods.  They made pattern of OEM I-beam rods and cast new ones in 4130 steel.  Fred figured he could do better than that and make a stronger rod by using a H beam design.  He also used a better steel, based on a 4340 steel.  So in 1963, he formed Carrillo Industries in San Juan Capistrano, CA to produce connecting rods.  And the rest is history. Internationally recognized for close to 60 years, Carrillo rods continue to set the industry standard, favored for their durable design and reliability.