Pin End clearance piston design and connecting rods

Two common specs asked for when making custom pistons are the connecting rod small end width or thickness, or pin end width or thickness, and the strap thickness.

Knowing these dimensions, we can make a piston that will fit your rods without any clearance issues. Round piston forgings often fit a wide variety of rod widths, however X-forgings often need to be cut to clear the rod. If you are going to aluminum rods, most likely you will need the pistons modified to fit during production, since aluminum rods are wider than steel rods. Regarding the strap thickness, although not always needed with standard stroke engines when using steel connecting rods, you often run into clearance issues in long rod engines, long stroke engines, or when using aluminum rods.

CP-Carrillo will make all the necessary cuts to your pistons to fit your connecting rods, provided all the correct info is given, before the design and manufacturing of the pistons. Or, to make things even easier you can just buy a set of CP-Carrillo steel, aluminum, or titanium rods from us and we will make sure your pistons and rods fit perfectly! The added benefit is the our rods can also be manufactured to your exact piston assembly weight (piston weight + pin weight + clip weights + ring weights) to ensure the optimized load capacity and weight balancing between the two components is made.


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