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2017-07-12 17:01:20

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Yamaha is a brilliant brand, I usually tell my relatives and friends to always pick rides of Yamaha,We have pack of bikers in our own backyard, we usually go out for ride in highway as its the only place where you can ride fast, One day turning my fast and the furious mode on, I was riding bike almost touching above 100 speed, suddenly a white Volkswagen stopped right in the middle of the road, taking sharp turns, I didn't realize there was a car stopped and than I got hit by it, it was quit a brutal accident, my back and both hands were broken I thought I won't survive but thanks to the efforts of medical practice management solutions, I survived, the doctors did everything possible to get me back on my feet, it took me nearly one year to recover and now I'm back again riding bikes, can't tell how happy I am back to what I love.